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OCTOBER 18th - 21st

An Xtreme Character Challenge (XCC) is three days of challenge and inspiration for men out in the wild that creates a deep spiritual experience.


The Xtreme Character Challenge weekend (XCC) is not a typical men's conference or retreat. Men are led into the wilderness where inspiration, adventure and challenge forge a deep spiritual experience.


For 72 hours men explore the artwork of the Creator while backpacking, working in teams and discovering important lessons about Gods intended purpose for their lives. Men are tested physically, mentally and spiritually and at some point, every man has a breakthrough.


The end result...strong men will return home as new husbands, fathers, friends and brothers with lasting impressions of a journey that has given them new insights into their lives and their relationship with their God. And during their time in the wilderness, choices were made, brotherhood was formed and they can no longer be the same.





  • When is the XCC?

    Thursday October 25th at 8pm
    Sunday October 28th at noon
  • Where is the XCC

    Manistee Wilderness
    Prior to the XCC weekend we will email you with the specific  location.
  • What do I need to bring?

    Pack List
    We have a very specific pack list for you to follow.  You are allowed to ONLY bring what is on the pack list.  We encourage men to borrow or share equipment.
  • How much does it cost?

    $249 per man
    The cost includes all of your food, permits.  Plus every man who completes the XCC weekend also receives an official 4th Musketeer Polo.
    A $100 deposit is required at registration. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to XCC.


  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Tentative Date
    In order to move forward with the Michigan XCC weekend we need a minimum of 50 men signed up by June 1st.  If we DO NOT reach that threshold, the event will be canceled and deposits will be refunded in 100%.
  • Can I have a team?

    During the registration process you can fill out the team section with the name of your team and we will place you together.  We form teams in groups of eight to ten men. If your team is less than eight then we will combine groups to make a complete team.
    If you are not part of a team we will assign you a team.



The 4th Musketeer (4M) is a men's movement which trains men to live for their King. He was the One who gave himself for us all. Together we will give everything for Him. Our service to Him is our highest honour. His struggle is our struggle. His passion is our passion. His goals are our goals.





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Man’s arrival in life is pre-ordained and not his choice.


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